Jamie - 15 years old

Police were called to a school after a pupil reported that cannabis was being sold in the playground. Jamie was caught with 10 wrapped pieces of cannabis resin.

Jamie's parents were separated and he stayed with his mother and her new partner who was known to the police, had a history of drug misuse and was suspected of dealing drugs.

As part of the investigation process, the Children's Reporter (the person who makes a decisions about the need to refer a child/young person to a children’s hearing) requested reports from Social Work and Education. The reports recommended that compulsory measures be considered due to the serious nature of the charge and Jamie's home circumstances. The Children's Reporter referred Jamie to a hearing and he attended with his mother and her partner.

Panel Members were given detailed background reports and a full assessment of Jamie's situation. They took into account that this was his first offence and that since then there had been no further incidents. As a result, the hearing made a compulsory supervision order with a condition that Jamie attend a special drugs programme for teenagers and that he was to continue to live at home.

Jamie's mother is no longer with her partner and Jamie has not come to the attention of the authorities again.

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