Gavin, 39, has been a member of the Children’s Panel for two and a half years. He is an ambulance paramedic and applied to become a panel member as he wanted to support children in his local community.

He said: "I had met a few people who had been through the system and I always assumed the Children’s Panel dealt with kids who had offended. When I started to look into it, I realised that most of the children have suffered neglect and need help. I thought that if a small amount of my time could help save a child from potential harm then it was definitely worth it."

"For me, the Children’s Panel has given me the opportunity to help protect children who can’t protect themselves. I am just a small part of the machine but if I can help prevent a child from being harmed further then it is all worthwhile.

"I would tell anyone who was considering applying to become a Children’s Panel member to do their research and attend an information evening where they can speak to a serving panel member. You might not think you have the skills needed but the training is great and will bring out talents you don’t realise you have. If you have time to spare to help children in your local community it’s a valuable and rewarding cause."