Henry, aged 60, has been a Children’s Panel member for four years.

The father of three, who owns his own commercial landscaping business, first joined the panel after working with various children’s charities through his business, spurring him on to find ways he could help others in his community.

Henry said: "I’ve always been motivated to find positive outcomes in life and that’s exactly what I do when I’m in a children’s hearing. I really want to make a difference to children and young people who are going through tough situations so knowing I’m making some form of change to their lives is great.

"Being in a children’s hearing itself however can be quite difficult and sad at times but you just have to remember you need to use your best judgement to help.

"Everyone in life comes from different backgrounds so the panel is made up of a wide mix of people which is vital to ensuring the best outcome is always reached. I’d encourage anyone thinking about joining, no matter where they are from or how they were brought up, to find out more.

"I know that despite having a successful career now, I had issues of truancy throughout school and university so can relate to many cases where attending education is a problem. I understand how tough it can be to listen to adults so it’s great to be on the other side and try to instil what I learned growing up to help children have a better future.

"If people have the time to dedicate and the passion to show children going through tough times why they need to keep working at improving their situation, the Children’s Panel is 100 per cent for them."