Angie, aged 47, has been a member of the Children’s Panel for 13 years. 

For years Angie’s life revolved around children; helping at her daughter’s nursery and local dancing classes.

Pregnant with her second child, Angie decided to use her skills to become a member of the Children’s Panel.

Angie said: "After my first child was born I became very active in helping out with children’s clubs. When I was pregnant with my second baby, I decided to volunteer with the Children’s Panel and use those skills to try and help children who were struggling.

"Joining the panel was a great decision as I get so much from it. If your heart is vested in helping children who don’t have a voice, you should really think about joining.

"Each case is very different and frankly, it can be very tough. Some of the situations you hear that children are in are almost unimaginable. As I have my own children, I find it especially hard knowing other kids the same age, are going through such tough times. It’s at this point you put your training and own life skills to the test, dig deep and make the best, well-informed decision possible to help see them out of that situation.

"If you think you could use the skills that you learn from the extensive training, you could be the type of person needed on the Children’s Panel."

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