David, 23, has just completed his second year as a Panel Member. David is an Assistant Manager at a local restaurant and applied to become a Panel Member after he heard a radio advert appealing for applicants.

He said: “I had based my sixth year dissertation on youth justice and it brought the Children’s Panel to my attention. I went on to study law at University and wanted to do some kind of volunteering work. The Children’s Panel was the ideal opportunity as it tied in well with my degree and allowed me to help people in my community.”

He said: “Since becoming a Panel Member, I have become more understanding of people and how to deal with difficult situations. I see people from all different walks of life and I am better equipped at communicating with them.

“The Children’s Panel gives you the opportunity to help guide children onto a better path and make a positive difference to their lives. The training is second to none and there is a great support network around you. It broadens your horizons and encourages you to think differently about situations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain being a Panel Member.”

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