Fern, 25, is a full-time student and has been a Panel Member for just over two years. She applied to become a Panel Member as she wanted to give back to her local community.

She said: "I have always been aware of the Children’s Hearings System and wanted to help. I knew it was a big responsibility but I thought I had something to offer.

"Being a Panel Member really opens your eyes. You don’t realise that others in the area are living very different lives. You quickly realise the importance of the decisions made and how it directly affects people’s lives.

"I would tell anyone who was interested in applying to become a Panel Member to enquire about it and do their research. Think about what you can offer and why you want to join. It is time consuming and can be emotionally draining but when you know you made the right decision for a child, it is a really rewarding and unique experience."

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